Delighted to announce that I have been signed to Ruby Fiction, part of the Choc Lit family. I look forward to working with their extremely professional and enthusiastic team. My first title is 'Behind Closed Doors' and is scheduled for release in May 2019.

Sadie December 2018



She’s in your house, now she wants your life …

Tina Valentine has it all: the loving family, the beautiful house, the successful career. 
But then Megan Pearson starts work at Tina’s law firm and with her arrival the perfect world Tina has built for herself starts to collapse as it becomes clear that the newcomer is intent on infiltrating every aspect of her life. 
Something is obviously wrong with Megan but nobody else seems to see it. As the mind games and manipulations continue, Tina comes to the sickening conclusion that now she’s opened the door to Megan, it’s going to be impossible to make her leave …

Released May 14th 2019 on Ruby Fiction in digital and audio formats. Paperback available February 2020.
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COLD LITTLE HEART is a story of - Deception. Betrayal. Murder. And those moments in life you never see coming. Gemma and Oliver are a loving couple with a flourishing business, but when their accountant (Peter) empties their bank accounts and disappears, their lives take a nosedive. Gemma gets sucked into the life of a mysterious stranger who offers to help her financially. From here on her life spirals out of control - he threatens to destroy her marriage and ultimately her life. Why? Who is he? Forced into an impossible position. She realizes she's capable of anything. Even murder. 

Coming 2020

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